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Looking for quantum gravity from below ice


Dr. Teppei Katori working with the IceCube Neu Neutrino Observatory

IceCube winning image
“Chase the ghost particles in Antarctica.” Picture provider: Yuya Makino, IceCube/NSF.

King’s experimental physicist, Dr Teppei Katori, is a number one analyst of knowledge collected by the IceCube Neutrino Observatory within the seek for quantum gravity. The observatory, buried deep below the Antarctic ice sheet, detects astrophysics neutrinos – subatomic particles that journey billions of light-years with very excessive energies.

The examine, printed within the journal Nature Physics, experiences on the newest findings from IceCube. The researchers took information on the composition of neutrinos noticed by IceCube over a interval of seven and a half years and in contrast it with the composition anticipated in the event that they have been affected by the modified space-time construction on account of quantum gravity.

The experiment discovered no clear proof of quantum gravity. Nevertheless, it has additional improved the understanding of fashions that may change the neutrino composition.

Commenting on the findings, Teppei mentioned:

“Scientists world wide examine neutrinos as a strategy to examine the elemental cloth of the universe. Observations from IceCube are serving to push the boundaries of our understanding of space-time. “

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