city jungle font obtain newest viral enhancing photograph

hi guys , in this article i am going to explain how to edit the photo with awesome backgrounds and with the urban jungle font .

step by step process i will explain in this article:

  1. first download the any editing app like pixellab or picsart from playstore.
  2. then install it in your android mobile.
  3. now you need to download the urban jungle font from Here.
  4. Go to the downloaded file location and extract it in same folder.
  5. now go to editing app and add a background pic and write a text.
  6. then go to font section then click on add font button.
  7. now go to the urban jungle extracted file location and add it.
  8. finally choose that font.
  9. that’s it. enjoy.

if you have any queries kindly ping me at instagram : bhuwantv.

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