upcoming telugu movies 2021 in amazon prime video app

upcoming telugu movies releasing on the amazon prime video app 2021 , prime is recently started releasing the new telugu movies , we can check the list of webseries and latest movies list which are going to release in the amazon prime video app. those who are searching for the latest new telugu movies which released in the streaming application amazon prime then you should read this article.

amazon prime is the video streaming application it has more number of movies collections which were released new movies will be stream in their prime application , if we want to latest hd movies then we must register for the amazon prime monthly packs or you can purchase the yearly packs depends on your budget.

this OTT applications became more popular in the lockdown period because as due to the lockdown guidelines of the theaters no movie is launched in the theaters and many top movies and also short movies were released in the online platforms we will let you know the latest movies which were releasing in the amazon prime video 2021.

List Of Telugu Movies 2021 Releasing On Amazon Prime Video app

Movie Name Online Release date
Jai Sena19th februvary 2021
Journalist20th februvary 2021
Prema pipasi23rd februvary 2021
Cheppina Evaru Nammaru19th februvary 2021
G – Zombie25th februvary 2021
climaxmarch 2021
checkmarch 2021

list of new telugu movies  februvary 2021 on amazon prime

1) G-Zombie Full Movie

g- zombie is the telugu south indian movie and this movie is about a team of the young doctors invented a vaccine to stop the viruses which are effecting for the humans from the aliens and the war between the doctors and the aliens is the story and this movie is releasing in the amazon prime video app. g zombie movie director is aryan gowra and deepu. g zombie movie is released firstly in the theatrical release and later they sold the digital rights to the amazon prime. g zombie comes under the surya productions banner.

2) Jai Sena Full Movie

jai sena is telugu south indian film and this movie is releasing in the amazon prime video app . jai sena movie is directed by the V. Samudra and in this movie meka srikanth is played the important role as this movie will be more entertaining to the audience and jai sena music is scored by the ravi shankar. this movie is orinally launched in the big screens on 29th jan and after 15 days it means in the februvary month jai sena movie will be streaming in the OTT apps . this movie main theme is the ideologies of the jana sena cheif pawan kalyan.

3) prema pipasi Full Movie

prema pipasi is the latest south indian film and this movie digital rights were begged by the amazon prime video, this movie is about a man who reaches the extent point on a girl in the form of the true love path and this claims that the girl feels she is getting harrasement from that loving guy and that is the reason they named this movie as the prema pipasi and this movie is directed by the murali ramaswamy , this movie comes under the genre of the romance. this movie orginally relesing in the telugu audio language.

4) cheppina evaru nammaru full movie

cheppina evaru nammaru full movie is releasing in the amazon prime video app. this movie is about the friends who were not liked the daily routine lifestyle so they went out for the new lives and how they sustained in the outside world and what struggles they may faced , and is they succeed or failed is the story depicted by the aaryan krishna is a writer and he also the director for the cheppina evaru nammaru movie . this movie was initially launced in the 29th januvaru 2021.

5) Journalist full movie

journalist is the telugu movie which was initially launched for the telugu audience and this journalist movie is directed by the K. Mahesh. this movie main lead is the ramki and naresh who is acting in the journalist 2021 movie and this movie music songs scored by the raghu kunche and this movie also releasing in the other languages and this movie will be get subtitles in the english language only.

How To Buy Amazon Prime Video Subscription 

well most of the people may also get the doubt how can we take the amazon prime membership and this is very reasonable price even a common man can afford the rates of this packs and they gave a monthly pack of 129-/ rs and we can share the account also with your friends and that to minimum of people and if you give your id to others then you cannot stream the video at a time if the multiple people are browsing the app.

if you purchase this amazon prime video subscription for annual then you get it for 999-/rs then you can enjoy the all the latest movies and all web series for free you can watch all the videos in the 4k quality and even you can stream the movies in the led tvs .

if you are not sure to purchase the amazon prime video , well we have other choice you can create the account for the trial period for the 30 days and in that trial period no one bill the charges on you and if your interested then you an purchase otherwise you can cancel the membership nothing will be charged for this.

amazon prime launches the not only the telugu movies but also they will release the tamil kannada punjabi and hindi new movies as well as new series will be uploaded in their apps. and if anyone have subscription in their application then they can surf all the movies and they can watch all the movies whenever they get the free time. but the thing is if we want to stream the movie from the amazon prime video application then you need the good internet connection to avoid the buffering of the videos and this movies can be downloaded in the app itself which means you are keeping that movie in the offline mode and we can watch whenever when we get free time from the offline mode even if we don’t have the internet connection still we can watch the offline movies.

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