valentine’s day 2021 wishes and valentine week dates,hd images

valentine’s day will be celebrate every year on february 14 and on this day boys and girls wishes their loved one to show their love towards them. valentines day will be celebrate on a songle day but from the recent times it is made for 7 days before from the valentine day and they named those 7 days called as a valentine week.

Valentine’s day 2021 Ideas:

whether you are in love for 3 months or 3 decades , the evergreen gift will be the red rose as it shows the symbol of love and if your trying to give something creative gift and it will be known by her personal interests. if she is a foodie then you must treat with a good sweet item or take her to the dinner without informing her and give her a surprise in this way you can impress her or if she is good at singing then you must gift some items which are useful for that talent.

  • if she is love to makeup then gift her a good makeup kit with a neat gift cover.
  • you can gift her valentine cards with a great design with her photo album.
  • if your looking for simple surprise definitely it will be a red rose.
  • if your looking for the costly gift then surprise her with a IPHONE.
  • if your busy at works during your love period then relax with a best romantic movie.
  • take her to the favourite spot in you city and spend time.
  • visit the cooking class.

the main reason why boy gives a red rose to their loved one means that a red rose is aromatic and with the stunning colour red and it’s very pure to see, so even if your lover is in angry on you if you give red rose then it changes the mood of a girl and there will be chance of the accepting your proposal and that is the main reason from the ancient days or from the old movie or new movies you can watch the boy will be proposing her girl friend with a red rose.

valentine’s week dates 2021:

either boy or a girl made this one day valentines day to the seven days and they called it as valentines week. these 7 days , boy or a girl wishes their loved one in different types based on that day specialized for. boys tries to impress her girl friend by giving different types of gifts presenting to her. and on this day couples wishes each other and they will go out for a dinner or a date or a picnic place to enjoy the day.

so many people will search for the valentines week that they know about the valentines day and they are not aware of the valentine’s week and what we called those each day in the valentines week 2021, here we can about those dates in detail:

  • 07th feb 2021 – Rose Day
  • 08th feb 2021 – Propose Day
  • 09th feb 2021 – Chocolate Day
  • 10th feb 2021 – Teddy Day
  • 11th feb 2021 – Promise Day
  • 12th feb 2021 – Hug Day
  • 13th feb 2021 – Kiss Day
  • 14th feb 2021 – Valentine’s Day

After the valentines day there will be another day which is for the loved people to be breakup and this day is called anti valentines day and here also a week for the anti valentines day to breakup with the loved one.

Anti Valentine’s Week 2021:

  • 15th feb 2021 – Slap Day
  • 16th feb 2021 – Kick Day
  • 17th feb 2021 – Perfume Day
  • 18th feb 2021 – Flirt Day
  • 19th feb 2021 – Confession Day
  • 20th feb 2021 – Missing Day
  • 21st feb 2021 – Breakup Day


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