YouTube Server Down today error 503 or 429 in the world

YouTube and all the products of Google is Down today in India as well as all over the world and netizens searching for the solution and most of the people were getting afraid that it’s network problem or mobile problem.nothing happened to your net or mobile it’s just google servers gone down and it might be a fibre problem it will be fixed in an hour.

It was showing a pop up like there was a problem with a server 503 or 429 in the YouTube app and its showing same in incognito mode of YouTube also.


I’m writing this article to make sure the people should aware of this situation which was effecting all over the world.

Why YouTube is not working today in India is the most popular keyword which is searching in Google.

Google gmail also down and its products like playstore YouTube Google music and every app which is related to the Google all are facing some technical glitches and engineers were trying to fix it.

I will update once it was finished. Most of the netizens also making trend in the Twitter that #youtubedown


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