Bsc degree 4th semester DBMS important questions-Bhuwantv


Bsc degree 4th sem DBMS important questions latest

 important questions

1)what are the advantages of external view?

2) what is relational model? Give example

3)discuss brief about
a) entity integrity
b) referential integrity

4)what is purpose of view.?write syntax to create view

5)what are properties of relations?

6)what is relational algebra and list it’s operations?

7)stats the purpose of database systems and explain how modern databases evolved from file system?

8)explain different roles in database environment?

9) briefly dicuss the three level ANSI-SPARC ARCHITECTURE?

10)DIscuss detail about the various database languages.

11)illustrate the various components of DBMS?

12)state various fundamental operations in the relational algebra and explain with suitable examples


1) What is SQL? List data types of SQL

2) what is join?list various types of join in SQL?

3)write the syntax of commit and roll back?

4)what are privileges? Explain different types of privileges defined by ISO standard?

5)define package specification?

6)define trigger.what are the use of it?

7)list and explain DML.command along with simple queries

8) explain different types of join

9) explain set operators with examples

10) explain about integrity enhancement feature?

11)write in detail about transaction?

12)explain cursor management in detail


1)What is E-R diagram?

2)write about ER model notations

3)what are partial and transitive dependencies

4) differentiate between generalization and specialization

5)define composite attribute with examples

6)explain 3NF with example

7)define relationship.explain relationship participants

8)how to define structural and operational constraints?

9)discuss about problems with ER MODELS

10) explain how normalization supports database design?

11)write about the process of normalization

12)what are three major phases of design methodology? Discuss steps involved in three phrases


1)Write short notes on database security

2)write short note on
a) atomicity
b) isolation

3)what is optimistic concurrency control?

4) differentiate between Authorization and authentication?

5)write advantages and disadvantages of Two-Phase locking protocol?

6)what are check points?

7)define properties of transaction?

8) Define serializability? Explain conflict and view serializability in detail?

9*)define deadlock? Discuss serveral techniques to control deadlock?

10*)write short notes on Encryption and RAID?

11)explain various computer based security controls for a multi user environment?

12)give an overview of different facilities provided by DBMS to assist recovery.

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