How to keep fingerprint in biometric attendance device

  • To capture bio-mteric attendance you must have an aadhar card number to enter in that device.
Note: beginning to the process let me tell you that it’s a sensitive device ,if you miss match any details of your identification it’s leads to lose your carrier.
Degree colleges are already installed these devices in respected Colleges and university took an immediate response from the principal’s.
This device is controlled by the college management it will be ON upto 9;30 AM in the morning,you have to be on time to the college if you don’t want miss your attendance.
And you have to give again biometric attendance at the time of leaving the college.then only it’s considered to be a present.

Steps for how to keep fingerprint on biometric attendance device:

1)firstly you have to enter your name or your aadhar credential number.
you can use keypad or touch screen depends on your need.
2)after entering aadhar successful Capturing,it will ask you to enter your college I’d number
3)now it will ask to keep your thumb on device.
4) then it will show you a pop-up that you’re successfully done .
that’s it friends
If you have any doubts ask me

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