How Much Money Does Youtube Pay Per 1K Views, How Much Money Do Youtubers Earn Per Day

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How Much Money Does Youtube Pay Per 1K Views: 
so on an average for 1k views i got 0.41$(28.7rs) its an educational update video,and for 10k views i got 2.17$(151.9rs) it is also a educational update video,in the mentioned rupee conversion there will be a slight change.if you upload a video of entertainment for 1M views my friend had got around 200$ in rupees it’s 1,40,000.These days gaming streamers earning in lakhs per month easily.

so , here it comes to the point of earning, creators of the youtube will have to pass the youtube policies to start earning through youtube partner programme , that is a creator should reach 1k subscribers(1000) and 4000 hours of watchtime within 1 year,so the content in  your channel should be genuine and it should not be copied,the youtube team will manually review your channel to get start earning with youtube.they will review a channel within 28 days and informs you  through mail from youtube.
Earnings in youtube:

the earning mainly depends on the content which you upload,earnings vary from one creator to another creator if a creator uploads a technology video he will get more revenue and another creator uploaded a educational update video he may get less amount.

How Much Money Do Youtubers Earn Per Day:

For 1k views youtube pays (70 rs-700 rs) 01-10$ minimum depends on his category of the video ,Youtube is a online video sharing platform where you can find all types of videos of different categories like news entertainment comedy informative etc. the content creators mean who shares the videos into the youtube , they are giving entertainment and knowledge to the viewers.if you want proof you can refer bhuwantv youtube channel.
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We hope this article helped you to know about youtube earnings per 1k views,i hope gave required information

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